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If, after you book your cabin, the cruise line lowers the price(for the same category), we will be happy to rebook you at the qualifying lower rate,
in accordance with any restrictions or policies governing the fares that the cruise line may have. So, booking early gives you the best cabin selection,
and you will have peace of mind that you will be getting the best price and service! *

*Note: Cruise line specials that are for new bookings only or special categories are not covered under this. Cruise line rules always take precedence
over pricing and or repricing, therefore you may not be able to take advantage of a special after you are in cruise line penalty period.

Telephone: 505 296-6255
Fax: 505 296-9778
You may visit the cruise line website but please come back to us to book your cruise or vacation.
We can help you through the process.